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Karl Wesling`s
Genealogy Page

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The Society for Family Research
with very helpful members

The Wiethkamps in Richmond, Va.

Passenger VIPs

Marlene Dietrich actress;
see BREMEN, 2 April 1930

Andrej Tupolew
russian astronautics engineer,
see COLUMBUS, 14 Dec 1929

Ehrenfried von Huenefeld
aviation pioneer; 1. direct Atlantic flight
from East to West in 1928
see BERLIN, 8 Nov 1925

Rabindranath Tagore author;
Nobel Prize 1913,
see BREMEN, 3 Oct 1930

Albert Einstein physicist;
Nobel Prize 1921,
OAKLAND, 10 Dec 1932

Albert Einstein and
H.Chr. Andersens Fairy Tales

Lillian Harvey actress; and
Ernst Lubitsch director;
see EUROPA, 6 Jan 1933

Max Schmeling and
Adolph Heuser boxer;
see BREMEN, 21 Aug 1932

Robert Biberti
Comedian Harmonists,
see EUROPA, 8 Mai 1934

I mainly research the families:

Baar, Loechte, Silies, Thier, Wes(se)ling, Wiedkamp, Wittkamp

and similar spelling in the areas around:

Ibbenbueren, Emsdetten, Muenster, Hoerstel, Rheine-Mesum,
Emsbueren and Luedinghausen-Seppenrade,

all situated in the former german counties Westphalia or Hannover
as well as in Richmond,Va

I appreciate any information to these families, I will share all my information with other researchers.

Who I am
I was born in Ibbenbueren, Westphalia in 1937. My job in an aircraft- and aerospace company brought me to Bremen in 1965,
where I live now with my wife Elisabeth.

My retirement and the successful search of family members in the USA led me to my hobby, the genealogy.

The relationship to our US relatives and the ancestors of August Baar, the emigrant can be seen here.

The topic of my research is the project Via Bremen to Everywhere
a cooperation of the MAUS and the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

Among other things you will find the Bremen Passengerlists
together with pictures and historical data of the emigration ships.

For questions, suggestions or critics write to: kwesling(at)